June 20, 2020


Dear BSC Members,

Our staff and board have been working tirelessly to prepare the club for opening day.  The state Executive Orders allow pools to reopen on Monday, June 22nd.  We are planning on opening Monday at 1pm, but we are awaiting final results and paperwork from our inspections and water testing.  We will communicate with you Monday morning as soon as we have everything in order to open the gates. 

Registration remains open at  We have heard from many of you that you needed more time to make a decision because you needed to see the rules that are laid out in this email.  We agree that you need to make an informed decision so we will extend our discounted prices one additional week to 6/28.  Hopefully, given the opportunity to read through everything outlined below, you can make an informed decision for you and your family. Please note that we do continue to receive many new enrollments each day – and we have limited memberships remaining overall, so please reserve your membership while we continue to have space available!

We also want to address concerns that have been voiced about the late opening date.  Once we  prove that we can operate in a pandemic environment we will evaluate any and all opportunities to meet our members expectations.  Plans under consideration are expanded hours (both earlier or later), as well as to extending the season later into September.


We thank everyone for their patience as we worked through the government guidelines that we must follow to keep members and staff safe this summer.   Below you will find an outline of the guidelines we will follow this summer. The guidelines have been developed in conjunction with the Department of Health to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible.

A full list is available here on on our website

Members are also required to sign this waiver.  The waiver must be signed by each member of the family, age 18 and above. If you have a babysitter as part of your membership, a separate waiver must be filled out by that person. 

All members must review the rules thoroughly and acknowledge that they have read them.  The acknowledgement of the rules and signed waivers must be submitted via email before you will be granted entry to the club.  Both can be scanned or photographed and sent to us via email.    


The State is recommending that all members over the age of 2 wear masks when not in the water or when not able to comply with a 6 ft social distance. We ask that you wear a face covering when entering and walking around the club. (Lifeguards are not required to wear masks while on stand.) Anyone with a medical condition that precludes the use of a mask must show documentation.

Please maintain social distance when in the water. You should NOT wear a mask while swimming (per CDC and Health Dept) as the risk in water is low due to chemicals in water and the masks increase risk of drowning


New club entrance procedures/patterns will be in place to avoid overcrowding and member contact.  The front gate will be for entrance only and exiting the club will now be through the baby pool gate.  Members will sign in with the office attendant and one member of your party must alert the office attendant when your party is leaving.  


Surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day, as well as routinely during the course of the day.  Surfaces will include but not limited to railings, ladders, handles, lifeguard stands, diving boards, main entrance, office, gates, etc.

Cleaning procedures will follow all CDC guidelines for the safety of our members and staff


To maintain compliance with COVID-19 related requirements, the following protocols will be in place:

1.     Members should not come to the club if they are not feeling well. 

2.   Members will be asked a series of questions related to their current health as they enter the club.  These questions are available here

3.    Cleaning and sanitizing will occur at regular intervals throughout the day, with an emphasis on shared surfaces and high-touch areas

4.     Staff members will undergo daily temperature screenings.

5.     Installation of additional hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the entire complex

6.     Footwear and face coverings must be worn when using the restrooms.

7.     A medical care area will be set up under a canopy to the left of the men’s room. Anyone needing medical attention for cuts, scrapes, bee stings etc., should notify a staff member and proceed to the medical care area wearing a face covering.


We do not expect any capacity issues while operating at the 50% capacity limit mandated by the Executive Orders because our grounds are quite large.  We of course will be monitoring the numbers each day, and will implement procedures to manage them so that we can comfortably maintain 6 feet of social distance.


If you wish to use a BSC chair, you will be assigned a chair number. Please affix this number to your chair. When you leave the club, please inform a staff member at the exit of your chair number and location so that it can be sanitized.  You will be permitted to bring your own chair if you prefer.

Umbrellas will be put up by the morning staff upon opening and put down by the closing staff at the end of the day. Please do not touch the umbrellas. If you require help with an umbrella, please notify a staff member.


Our main pool and baby pool will be open to start the season.  The diving board will be open (and the railing will be sanitized frequently) but the water slide will initially be closed.  State guidelines do not permit us to open the playground, and swing set nor can we loan out BSC-owned games, goggles, balls and toys.  We are hopeful that, as health trends continue to improve, that some or all of these restrictions may be lifted as the season progresses.


We hope to be able to offer swim lessons this season and we will communicate more info about them as they become available.


The Town and Country League has cancelled all meets for the 2020 season so we won’t be having a regular swim team this season.  We are working on plans for swim practices for interested members of the swim team and will communicate more info as plans are solidified. We appreciate your patience as we finalize additional details in the coming days.


We will not be able to accommodate daily passes or member guests until further notice, so that our members continue to receive priority access to the pool. Please note that this includes family members as well, so any family membership must include everyone in the household who plans to attend.  We expect this will change as NJ continues to reopen and guidelines become more clear.


Snacks will be again be available for purchase this year.  State guidelines call for contactless payment where possible so we are encouraging the use of Venmo for payment.  Snacks can be purchased using pre-purchased coupon tickets that will be available in blocks of 10.  Each block of 10 will be $10. 

Picnic tables are available for family groups to eat together and will be spaced for social distancing. There will be clean/dirty signs on the tables. After use, please remove all of your trash and change your sign to dirty so that a staff member can sanitize the table. Please do not place any bags, shoes, towels, clothing, etc. on the tables.

If you have food delivered to the BSC, please direct the delivery driver to wait in their car. Members will have to exit the club through the baby pool gate to receive their food and then reenter the club through the main gate. Please wear face coverings


In closing we’d like to thank all of our members for their patience and flexibility over these past few weeks as our plans were finalized. As the summer continues, it is our hope that restrictions will be modified, and we will communicate any and all changes as they occur.  

Berkeley Swim Club is about having fun, but clearly “fun” in 2020 is not how we defined it in 2019.  We know that not everyone will agree with our positions and these rules, but they are intended to protect the most vulnerable of our members and to follow the requirements of the State’s executive orders. The operating plan we presented to the Health Department was predicated upon these requirements and if we are to remain open, they must be followed.

Our hope is that we all pull together and follow the rules, so that even under these crazy circumstances, we look back with fond memories about how we had a great summer together at the Berkeley Swim Club.




PHONE: 908- 464-2125

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