Pursuant to NJ Executive Order No.153 (2020), the BSC has submitted a COVID-19 Pool Operation Prevention Plan (CPOPP) to the local health authority. In consultation with the Board of Trustees, local government officials, and the local health department, the following policies, rules and regulations have been established and will be in effect from 06/22/2020 until further notice.

1.  Members entering Berkeley Swim Club through the main gate should be wearing a face covering, maintain a 6 ft distance from other members during the check in process and answer the COVID symptom screening questions prior to entering the club.  No one should come to BSC if they are sick.  

2. COVID waivers will be emailed to all members and must be signed and emailed back to prior to opening day to avoid handling of paperwork at the desk. Dues must be paid prior to opening day. 

3. The front gate will be for entrance only and exiting the club will now be through the baby pool gate.  Members will sign in with the office attendant and one member of your party must alert the office attendant when your party is leaving.  

4. Until further notice, BSC is NOT PERMITTING GUESTS. Only members in good standing are allowed on the property. This may change as the season progresses.

5. Family members staying as house guests will require an associate membership and will need to complete a waiver as well.  

6. If you wish to use a BSC chair, you will be assigned a chair number. Please affix this number to your chair. When you leave the club, please inform a staff member at the exit of your chair number and location so that it can be sanitized. You will be permitted to bring your own chair if you prefer.

7. Please maintain social distancing with your chairs. The BSC property is extensive, so we ask that you keep as much room as possible between family groups.

8. No chair forts may be built and no chairs can be placed on the deck.

9. Please do not touch the umbrellas. If you require help with an umbrella, please notify a staff member.

10. The State is recommending that all members over the age of 2 wear masks when not in the water or when not able to comply with a 6 ft social distance. We ask that you wear a face covering when walking around the club. (Lifeguards are not required to wear masks while on stand.) Anyone with a medical condition that precludes the use of a mask must show documentation.

11.  Please maintain social distance when in the water. You should NOT wear a mask while swimming.

12. Please do not disturb any signs, caution tape, barriers, or rope lines you will find around the Club.

13. Picnic tables are available for family groups to eat together and will be spaced for social distancing. There will be clean/dirty signs on the tables. After use, please remove all of your trash and change your sign to dirty so that a staff member can sanitize the table. Please do not place any bags, shoes, towels, clothing, etc. on the tables.

14. If you have food delivered to the BSC, please direct the delivery driver to wait in their car. Members will have to exit the club through the baby pool gate to receive their food and then reenter the club through the main gate. Please wear face coverings.

15. Snacks will be again be available for purchase this year.  State guidelines call for contactless payment where possible so we are encouraging the use of Venmo for payment.  Snacks can be purchased using pre-purchased coupon tickets that will be available in blocks of 10.  Each block of 10 will be $10.  Currently, the grills are closed. 

16. Foot wear and face coverings must be worn when using the restrooms.

17. Restrooms will be sanitized frequently. Please advise a staff member if the restroom appears to be in need of servicing.  We will also spray the baby changing table on a regular basis but we suggest that you use your own cover to place your baby on when changing him/her and to use your own wipes to clean the surfaces prior to using the table.  

18. Children may not play in the restrooms.

19. The showers are closed.

20. The slide will be closed until further notice. This may change as the summer progresses. The diving board will remain open and the rails sanitized at regular intervals.

21. Group games of Alligator and water polo are not allowed at this time.

22. The Town and Country Swim League has canceled the swim team season. We are currently working on a possible swim work out program for our swimmers. Details will be announced soon if the program can go forward.

23. No group swim lessons this season, but private lessons may be permitted for swimmers able to be instructed from a 6 ft. distance.

24. Deep water tests will still be required for anyone under the age of 12 to swim in the dive tank or use the diving board.

25. The playground will be closed until further notice.

26. There will be no parties or planned social events until further notice.

27. The water and sports equipment that we typically lend from the office will be unavailable this summer.  Ping Pong will be permitted but families are required to bring their own paddles and balls.

28. No large pool floats or noodles will be permitted. Goggles and small children’s pools toys will be permitted, but may not be shared between families. Parents are asked to not leave any pool toys unattended.

29. Lost and found:  Looking through the items will be done at your own risk.  We will dispose of all of the items at the end of each week. Items such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phones, keys and other items of value will be placed in individual plastic bags and kept in the office.  Inquiries for these items can be made at the front desk. 

30. A medical care area will be set up under a canopy to the left of the men’s room. Anyone needing medical attention for cuts, scrapes, bee stings etc., should notify a staff member and proceed to the medical care area wearing a face covering.

BSC Board members will be on site along with our Certified Pool Operator Manager Tony Knuth and Assistant Manager Dylan Wallace to help enforce the social distancing regulations. Our lifeguards will have the sole responsibility of protecting swimmers in the water. All staff will be trained in COVID awareness and have temperature screenings when they enter the facility.

Our collective adherence to these rules is critical to the safety and well-being of our members and staff. As the situation with COVID -19 is everchanging, these rules may be updated during the course of the season.

Please acknowledge that you have read these rules, revised them with all members of your family and will abide by them by signing below (all members age 18 and above must sign).

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