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Pool Rules



  1. No one should come to BSC if they are sick.   

  2. Guests are welcome during the 2024 season. All guests must adhere to all BSC rules. Teen Memberships are not allowed guests.

  3. With permission, children of members may sign themselves in beginning at age 12, if they have passed a deep-water test. 

  4. Children must be 16 years of age to sign in and supervise underage family members. 

  5. Please enter through the front gate and check in at the office.      

  6. EATING IS PERMITTED IN THE PICNIC AREA ONLY. Picnic tables are available for family groups to eat together. After use, please remove and dispose all of your trash/recycling and sanitize your table. No glass containers please. 

  7. Snacks are available for purchase.  

  8. The Diving Board is open for all dives except for INWARD dives. Only one person may go off the diving board or down the slide at a time and you must exit the dive tank on the same side.   

  9. Games in the dive tank are at the discretion of the area lifeguard.  The lifeguard may terminate the game if safety or crowd size becomes a concern.  

  10. Deep water tests are required for anyone under the age of 12 to swim in the dive tank or use the diving board. See a lifeguard to take the test which consists of treading water for one minute, swimming legal freestyle the length of the pool and back without stopping or standing, as well as jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder. Anyone failing the test must wait one day before trying again. Deep water wristbands must be worn. There is a $6 replacement fee if lost.   This years color is neon green.

  11. The baby pool is for children age 5 or younger. (Please see the manager if there is a medical reason your older child may need to use the baby pool.) 

  12. Children using the baby pool must be supervised by an adult at all times. Water shoes are recommended. Small children’s pools toys are permitted in the baby pool.  Please do not leave pool toys unattended.  

  13. SWIMMING DIAPERS MUST BE WORN BY ALL CHILDREN THAT ARE NOT POTTY TRAINED. Please be vigilant about checking and changing your child’s swim diaper.

  14. No running on the pool deck.

  15. The lap lane is reserved for lap swimming. Please do not loiter or play in the lap lane or hang on the lane lines.

  16. Sports equipment may now be borrowed at the office for a $1 deposit.  

  17. Water squirt guns are allowed on the grass only and must be refilled at the hose. No water squirt guns in the pool. 

  18. The only flotation devices permitted are “swimmies” and life jackets with flotation devices on the front and back. Over-the-head inner tubes are not permitted.  No flotation devices are permitted when using the diving board or the slide. Large pool floats/rafts are ONLY PERMITTED ON DESIGNATED RAFT NIGHTS.  

  19. Adults must assist the BSC staff by supervising their children & abiding by BSC rules.

  20. Lost and found:  Looking through the items will be done at your own risk.  We will dispose of all lost and found at the end of each week. Items of value will be kept at the front desk. 

  21. BSC lifeguards have the sole responsibility of protecting swimmers in the water.  Please do not distract lifeguards from monitoring water conditions for non-water concerns.  Non water concerns may be discussed with the onsite manager. 

  22. All personal injuries, however slight, must be reported to the lifeguard.

Access to the Berkeley Swim Club requires adherence to these rules and regulations.

Our collective adherence to these rules is critical to the safety and well-being of our members and staff. 

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